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 Resumen de noticias: Nature

Nature - Issue - nature.com science feeds

· Make more digital twins.

· Einstein in Britain, worlds on the ebb, and a new angle on climate engineering: Books in brief.

· World's oceans are losing their power to stall climate change.

· Microbial chemistry gains fresh focus.

· The child?s toy that helps to make valuable electronic circuits.

· Avert collapse of research co-production systems.

· Plastic wrap: journals, practise what you preach.

· Daily briefing: Google claims quantum supremacy breakthrough.

· Gigantic Chinese telescope opens to astronomers worldwide.

· How US sanctions are crippling science in Iran.

· Surge in applications to develop drones.

· A journal club to fix science.

· Cats truly bond to their people.

· Plan S: take Latin America?s long experience on board.

· We ignore the past at our peril.

· From the archive.

· Discovery is always political.

· CRISPR might be the banana?s only hope against a deadly fungus.

· A diamond?s quantum memory sets a glittering record.

· Aid group says Ebola vaccine is not reaching enough people.

· Want your government to increase funding for research? Here is what you can do.

· UNC93B1 recruits syntenin-1 to dampen TLR7 signalling and prevent autoimmunity.

· Constraints on the superconducting order parameter in Sr2RuO4 from oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic resonance.

· China?s tree-planting drive could falter in a warming world.

· Daily briefing: Why 300 scientists are going adrift in the Arctic.

· Release from UNC93B1 reinforces the compartmentalized activation of select TLRs.

· Balance of power: The Economic Consequences of the Peace at 100.

· Rare forecasted climate event under way in the Southern Hemisphere.

· Podcast Extra: Absurd scientific advice.

· Prominent German neuroscientist committed misconduct in ?brain-reading? research.

· Why midday might be a golden hour for vaccinations.

· Trapped: why 300 scientists are locking themselves in Arctic ice.

· Daily briefing: Should we make a Green New Deal?.

· Quiz: how green is your lab?.

· Alarm as antimicrobial resistance surges among chickens, pigs and cattle.

· Glowing DNA label illuminates a cell?s fine details.

· An uncorked champagne bottle imitates a fighter jet.

· Fukushima bosses cleared over nuclear disaster.

· The ecologist who wants to map everything.

· Fossils reveal a gigantic marsupial?s bizarre anatomy.

· First portrait of mysterious Denisovans drawn from DNA.

· Australia?s capital city switches to 100% renewable energy.

· To solve climate change, remember the ocean.

· Backchat: Covering Climate Now.

· Daily briefing: Cancer cells hijack the brain?s nerves.

· Scientists worldwide join strikes for climate change.

· Trump signs order to improve flu-vaccine development.

· Deep learning for multi-year ENSO forecasts.

· A new scenario logic for the Paris Agreement long-term temperature goal.

· Stunted microbiota and opportunistic pathogen colonization in caesarean-section birth.

· A sticking point for rapid flu tests?.

· Podcast: XKCD, and Extinction Rebellion.

· Cancer cells have ?unsettling? ability to hijack the brain?s nerves.

· Cyclic GMP?AMP signalling protects bacteria against viral infection.

· Radical reform and the Green New Deal.

· Flu on the farm.

· Why young climate activists have captured the world?s attention.

· Flies? colour preferences depend on the time of day.

· Integer factorization using stochastic magnetic tunnel junctions.

· Synaptic proximity enables NMDAR signalling to promote brain metastasis.

· Q&A: Keeping antivirals viable.

· Bone-chilling Antarctic winter offers the unexpected: drizzle.

· Electrical and synaptic integration of glioma into neural circuits.

· Influenza.

· Light-entrained and brain-tuned circadian circuits regulate ILC3s and gut homeostasis.

· FPR1 is the plague receptor on host immune cells.

· eIF5B gates the transition from translation initiation to elongation.

· Real-time flu tracking.

· Polar research should include Indigenous perspectives.

· C-section babies are missing key microbes.

· Wilderness areas halve the extinction risk of terrestrial biodiversity.

· Daily briefing: Neutron star is a whisper away from being a black hole.

· How to make computing more sustainable.

· Climate and air-quality benefits of a realistic phase-out of fossil fuels.

· Climate costs, biobank genomes and strategic citations.


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